How To Fix Yahoo Mail Error 15 On iPhone ?

Yahoo mail services have been exemplary since the inception of email services two decades back. Since that time, millions of users have signed up with Yahoo mail services to accomplish the  important task in quick time. Be it is sending and receiving mails, uploading and downloading attachments, password change or reset, configuring Yahoo account in smartphone device, setup Yahoo email in Outlook  or Thunderbird with much more to follow.

Yahoo Mail Helpline Number +1-855-510-0777

There has been quite a long discussion on Yahoo mail accessibility on the iPhone device. Sometimes due to the obsolete version of IOS installed on a smartphone device that actually results in Yahoo mail not working on the  iPhone device.

There are several reasons why Yahoo mail does not work well on the iPhone device. Some of them are as follows:

  • Server disconnection issues with Yahoo App
  • Slow internet connection
  • Obsolete version of IOS installed on the iPhone device
  • Yahoo app not responding
  • Login failure errors keep cropping up on a consistent basis
  • Yahoo App compatibility issues with latest version of IOS

Problems associated with Yahoo mail issues occurring on iPhone device

  • Sending and receiving mails
  • Unable to login into yahoo account
  • Password reset or recovery issues
  • Upload or download attachments
  • Cannot recuperate hacked yahoo mail account
  • Unable to setup yahoo mail account in Outlook or Thunderbird
  • Unable to access email messages through Yahoo app on iPhone device
  • Cannot troubleshoot unresponsive script errors

Steps to fix Yahoo mail issues on the iPhone device

  • Press the button on the top of iPhone device to unlock it.
  • Type unlock code to open the home screen.
  • Go to menu option and look for the settings with gear icon.
  • Just tap on it and move to App section.
  • Now look for Yahoo mail app installed on the iPhone device and just initiate the steps to uninstall it.
  • Clear cache and cookies files from the iPhone device and then reboot it
  • Once the device is started , open the App store and download the latest version of Yahoo mail App.
  • As it get installed, enter the login credentials as required
  • You will find the things working in a streamlined way.

Though users can access Yahoo mail in a proper way on their iPhone device, but some of them still face issues while implementing the above-mentioned process. They can now take assistance of third-party Yahoo mail helpline number in quick time to get Yahoo mail error 15 fixed at the earliest.


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